Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday's Review

This weeks baby item: Bumbo Baby Sitter

We started Claire out with the Bebe Pod. I read all the reviews and every mom raved about the Bebe Pod. When Claire was two months old we started putting her in it; she could barely sit up. She kept sliding and I thought it could be because she didn't have the best upper body strength or head control or I thought it was how she was uncomfortable. I would have to shove a blanket around her to keep her propped up every time she was in it. I didn't mind doing that but as weeks went by and when head control was good and she was gaining a lot of upper body strength, she still slid down when she was placed in the Bebe Pod. I started thinking it was the chair and not so much Claire.

We first were introduced to the Bumbo when we were at our friends house. They decided to pick one up for their son before hanging out with us. We decided to give it a try, we placed Claire in the Bumbo and magically she sat up straight and didn't slide all over the place. It made me think twice about my chair decision!

The Bumbo is made of a rubber material, that is super soft, so your little one can not get hurt on it. It is not slippery like the Bebe Pod, so your little one will be able to sit up straighter and not slide all over. The back is higher too, so even tiny peanut babies like Claire, will be able to sit up in starting at a very young age. I highly recommend a Bumbo. Claire loves to sit in it and watch PBS or play with her toys. If you don't have a high chair, you can always use your Bumbo to feed your baby. You can also purchase a tray that hooks to the top of the Bumbo, so it becomes like a booster seat (I say like because there are no straps to secure your little one into). The Bumbo is well worth the money you will spend on it, plus they come in very fun colors!
Bug chilling in her Bumbo!


  1. That picture of her is too funny. The way her arm is all propped up it looks like she's saying, "So. Tell me about your day." or something very profound and contemplative.

  2. We just call it - attitude! :)


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