Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Itchy Armpits

Every single time I breastfeed Claire my armpits begin to itch! I know crazy, right? At first I just figured it was all in my head, it was my brain knowing that I wasn't able to scratch anything that itched. Now 6 months postpartum, it still happens immediately following my let down. They itch almost for the entire time I feed Claire.
I don't know why it happens or even how it happens but for one reason or another it does happen. Now that breastfeeding has become second nature, I am pretty good at itching what needs to be itched. Sometimes my loving husband will be so kind to assisted me! Crazy what the body does with all those postpartum hormones!!


  1. Weird. I have noticed that sometimes breastfeeding makes me EXTREMELY drowsy, especially if I am warm and cozy. I mean CRAZY drowsy to the point where I almost fall asleep with my eyes open. Also, I don't ever notice a "let down"... But my boobs leak. Hmm.

  2. Lucky you! My let down is extremely painful!! Isn't it weird what breastfeeding can do to our bodies!


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