Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Review of 2009

I snagged this from Hope Springs Eternal. She wrote this post as her own, and I liked it so much I asked her if I could snag it and re-post on my very own blog. Being the awesome, blogger she is she said "go for it!" So, here it goes.

Moments to Remember

1) Entered the second trimester of pregnancy.
2) Felt Claire move for the first time.
3) Become a Godparent, to my niece Natalie.

1) Turned 24 years old.
2) Was fully in maternity clothes.
3) Found out our little one was a girl - Claire Constance.

1) Celebrated 8 years of being together with Eric.
2) Registered for Lamaze class.
Saw Claire kick/punch from the outside for the first time.

1) Was relieved to reach pregnancy mile marker 24 (weeks).
2) Started to registering for Claire @ BRU.
3) Celebrated Eric's 26th birthday.

1) Welcomed the third trimester with open arms.
2) Pregnancy photos taken.
3) Sadly said goodbye to the television show ER.

1) Had our baby shower.
2) Saw Claire on a 4D u/s - she was all girl.
3) Started Lamaze classes.

1) Was proud to finally reach 37 weeks of pregnancy - full term.
2) 4th of July party at our house.
3) July 10th @ 9:39am, Claire Constance  was born all natural.
1) Claire turned  a month old.
2) Claire met Brayden.
3) Claire was baptized.

1) Claire turned 2 months old.
2) Found out Claire has a dairy sensitivity.
3) Got a new Chrysler Sebring!

1) Claire has her 3 month pictures taken.
2) A long weekend gateway to Galena with the family.
3) Claire's first Halloween - she went as a ladybug.

1) Claire turned 4 months old.
2) Had our family pictures done.
3) Spent the weekend in Chicago.

1) Eric and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.
2) Started Cloth diapering.
3) Celebrated Claire's 1st Christmas!

That's 2009 in brief review. Obviously, more than that happened but those are just some highlights.

Favorites of 2009

Favorite moment of 2009: July 10th 2009 @ 9:39am, the moment Claire Constance entered the world.
Favorite song: Second Chance by Shinedown.
Favorite CD: I didn't have a favorite CD this year.
Favorite movie - Drama: Taken
Favorite movie - Comedy: Proposal
Favorite move - Action: District 9
Favorite TV Episode: Any and all episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite new show: Flash Forward
Favorite lunch while at work: Deli sandwiches
Favorite home cooked meal: Stuffed peppers
Favorite homemade Dessert:
Lemon meringue pie
Favorite gadget:
Sony SLR camera
Favorite App: Dex Knows
Favorite Website: Facebook
Favorite Radio Station: The Mix 101.9
Favorite Ice Cream: Cold Stone Creamery birthday cake or apple pie
Favorite Pizza: Stefanio's

Favorite LOL Moment: So many, so so so many!!

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