Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Came and Went

Well, Claire's first Christmas is over. I can't believe 2010 is literally hours away. I feel like this past year has inched and yet zoomed by. From the end of 2008 when I found out I was pregnant, until July 10th 2009 when Claire was born was the longest 8 months of my life - I couldn't believe how long it took to actually get from November to July. Now from July 10th to present day, I feel like it as flown. Truly when you become a mommy, time starts to go into hyper speed. Again, I can't believe Claire's first Christmas is over, done with. It's hard to believe that a year ago, I was sicker than a dog and this year I had a little girl to wake up on Christmas morning.

It was a very successful day.. We literally need a bigger house to store all of Claire's new toys. Everyone (including Santa) were very thoughtful. Claire loved to try and open her presents. She did a great job. Although it took us along time to get through her gifts, it was a very memorable day.

Our day started at 7:30am when we got up and did our first Widstrand family of three Christmas morning. Claire got to see what Santa left her, checked her stocking and unwrap all of her other gifts from her great nana, great aunt, and of course mommy and daddy. At 9:30 am we headed over to Claire's papa and nana's house. We had breakfast (which was very yummy) and then opened up gifts, hung out, and of course played with all of her new toys! It's great to experience Christmas out of a child's eyes! At 2:00pm we headed over to Claire grandma and grandpa's house. We were greet by her whole family from great aunts and grandparents to aunts, uncles, and cousins. We had a great dinner, followed by more gift opening. We hung out, played with toys, and sang some Christmas carols before heading back to Claire's papa and nana's house. There we just laid around, relaxed, and played wii. I can proudly say, Claire's first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family of three was a great success!

I really can't wait to see what Christmas 2010 will be like!

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  1. Look at her cute little Christmas outfits! I love it! And your new blog layout is ADORABLE, by the way. I'm hoping we'll be able to head up that way for Christmas '10!


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