Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sometimes I think she would rather not breathe

Every since Claire was born she hates, hates getting her nose cleaned out. Well lately, it has become ten thousand times hard to clean her nose out every morning. This is how our mornings go: We get up and head straight for the changing tables, which is one of her favorite places to be. She talks, smiles, and laughs the whole time until I reach for the "booger sucker"! The moment she sees the "booger sucker" coming at her nose,she starts moving her head from the left to the right and back. While she is doing that she is grabbing at my hand and not letting the "booger sucker" close to her nose. If I make it past that and get the sucker to her nose, she continues to turn her head and push my hand out of her face. Her new thing she likes to do is now is scream every time I get the "booger sucker" in her nose. This whole "capture the booger" game can take up to 5 minutes.Sometimes I feel like she would rather be clogged up all day and only breathe out a small position of her nose, since the rest is all blocked! Babies! If I survive everything and actually get into her nose and capture a booger, she goes instantly back to sweet baby Claire. Man, if she only knew it would be SO much easier and faster if she was a cooperative little girl!


  1. Ha! I don't think I'd much like getting my nose suctioned out, either, LOL! But I'd rather have that than be stuffy all day. Love your layout, by the way!

  2. Word of advice: DON'T lose the booger sucker from the hospital, its awesome and works way better then the ones you buy at the store. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience!! Thanks to my hubby!

  3. yuuuuck! i HATE using the booger ball on austen. it makes me want to gag! aeheiothortjew

  4. This was exactly how me and Nicholas used to be. I went and bough the graco electric one...it has a button that plays music and it sucks the buggers out. Soooooooo much easier and faster....and most importantly less stressful on both of us. Check it out I got it at babiesRus for like 20 bucks, so worth it. He doesn't fuss anymore. It's Bessie.


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