Monday, December 21, 2009

Once Upon A Monday

I will be reviewing a children's book that we read to Claire every Monday, hence "Once Upon A Monday". I will discuss Claire's reactions to the book, as well as Eric and My thoughts. We have read to Claire ever since she was born. We feel it is very important for a child, no matter what their age to be read to. Give the books we review at try, you never now when you will find your child's favorite new read!

This week's book is My Nose, My Toes, and Me!An Interactive Book for Little Ones Written by Frida Bing.

My Nose, My Toes, and Me! is a very infant friendly book. It's short, colorful, and interactive; everything that is perfect for your little one. As you go through the story, each page asks a question like, "What is behind the bright sunglasses?" On the opposite page is a fold down picture that answers the question like, "My eyes!" As your child gets older, he/she will be able to find out the answer all by themselves, as they learn their body parts. My Nose, My Toes, and Me! is a very durable book that a child of any age should not be able to destroy!

Claire (5 months) thinks, "My Nose, My Toes, and Me! is a very colorful, big book. I love how it tastes but even  more how it sounds."

Eric and I think this a good book for an infant under a year. The colorful pages and cartoon characters really capture Claire's attention. She even loves to flip the pages herself!

M and E Rating - 4 out of 5 stars


  1. Ok, I might of put my comment under my husband google account last time but if U didn't get it, then ok. Well, my daughter Kayla, whom is my 1st born, knew all her body parts before the age of ur blog keep it up!


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