Tuesday, December 22, 2009

At First Bite

Claire's first bite of Gerber's rice cereal was when she was 21 weeks 1 day old.  At first she made the, "wtf" face, she slowly  became okay with what was going into her mouth. For a week she had cereal every morning (to watch for any allergic reaction). Now she gets her rice cereal in the morning and before bed. She eats her cereal way better before bed. The last two nights, she ate all 1 tablespoon! In a couple weeks we will be moving onto veggies - peas to be exact! She will be getting Gerbers organic peas to start (because everyone is telling me they are a bitch to puree). After she has successfully master the peas, we will be moving onto homemade green beans. That's right, I plan on making all of Claire's baby food! Go New Mom!!

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