Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am Thankful...

I am Thankful...

#9 -  I am thankful for: For Eric's job and all his hard work he puts forth to allow me to stay at home with Claire the majority of the day! He is such a hard work and I know it shows at work. He has been reward and I can't wait to see where this job takes us!

#10- I am thankful for: The will power and the ability to save for a down payment on a home. It will take us a little bit but we are saving every month. It's stressful some times but I know the outcome will be well worth!

Today is my Friday! Today is a relaxing morning/afternoon with baby girl and then 3 hours of work tonight! Should be interesting, we had a weird/stressful day yesterday at work! I'm just happy that a nice 3 day weekend is around the corner. Tomorrow I'm doing a product study that I was contact for. It's for powdered drinks! 20 minutes I get to try new drinks and in the end, I get $30. I think that's a fair trade!
Happy Thursday Everyone!

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