Friday, September 30, 2011

And She's Not Even 16....

Attitude. That word has become a very popular one, here at home. I'm talking about my sweet, booger of a little girl. MAN, she is something else lately. The only plus side is that her vocabulary is amazing. I feel like she is talking a lot and understanding what she is saying. BUT sometimes what comes out of her mouth is pure attitude.
Here are some examples, enjoy:
  • Mommy, fix it now Now NOw NOW NOOOW!
  • Hush Mommy Hush!
  • NO!
  • Claire (or I) do it. Not mommy (or daddy/papa/nana).
  • Mommy (daddy) go get it.
Of course I love her to the moon and back but I am seeing a clear picture of what her teenage years will be like. I know my mom has said, "I hope she was just like you". I understand I wasn't always the nicest mouth teenager so I am hoping that through how I was, I will understand what Claire is going through. Although it will be so annoying and  I will probably want to shake her a few times, I will be able to take a deep breath and no, this too shall pass!

I'm just glad she's SO cute!!

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