Sunday, May 15, 2011

22 Month, Oh My

It's hard to believe that Claire (C.C. or Bug) is already 22 months old. The saying, "time flies when your having fun" is so true. I really can't believe it's be 22 months since giving becoming a mom. These last 22 months have truly been amazing and it's all because of some beautiful, smart (too smart sometimes) little momma's girl! We love you SO much Clarie Constance, so very much!

Here's what you've been up to:

  • You are wearing 18 months - 2T clothing. (Although some 2T pants have to be rolled at the waist because either they are too long or too big, Nana says you need to get a butt!)
  • You are in size 5 - 5 1/2 shoes
  • Your hair (when wet) is down to the middle of your back. When dry your hair has ringlets all over the back and sides.
  • You LOVE to talk and you are getting really really good at it. You have so many "single words" in your vocab that I can't even count any more. You are putting 2-4 word sentences together. 
  • You love to draw
  • You can count to 10 perfectly and you are starting to learn your "teen" numbers and are doing rather well.
  • Colors you know: red, blue, yellow, green, pink and orange (sometimes brown)
  • You are a very curious little girl, you love to learn about everything
  • You love when you write the "abc's" and other words on a paper so you can see them.
  • Bath time is one of your favorite times of the day - you ask for "bubble bath" all the time!
  • Parks, you are in love with slides and swings. Outside is where you want to be for most of the day.
  • You are a pretty good eater, although you still have your moments of being a picky eater. You do still LOVE your fruits and veggies. 
  • You have start calling me "mommy" instead of mama
  • You know close to 15 body parts
  • You love your babies, your purses and shoes. You love to pretend you are going to the "mall".
  • I'm sure you do a lot more but everyday you learn something so it's really hard to keep track. Just know you are doing amazing and we are so proud of everything you do!
Every day you change and it amazes me to see what you learn. You are getting so big so quickly but right now, I'm enjoying every single moment of this stage. It's fun and changeling at the same time. I wouldn't change anything!

Happy 22 Months Baby Girl!

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