Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Claire's 1st Concert

Claire got to experience her first "rock" concert at the Rosemont Theater. Disney's, "Imagination Movers with Choo-Choo Soul" were live in concert. We started our day with lunch at the oasis because Claire has a new found love for trucks, buses, trains and airplanes - she enjoyed her lunch very much! Then it was on to the concert. We had a great seats! At first Claire was in shock, very silent and very observant of everything around her. She was checking everything out but as soon as "Choo-Choo Soul" started signing, Claire started dancing up a storm. Eric and I also enjoyed the concert. Seeing as we watching the live concert on Disney Jr at least 3x a day, we know a LOT of their songs. It was a very interactive show, so it got us three out of our seats, clapping and dancing for the majority of the show! After the show Claire got her very first "Movers" t-shirt and actually got to meet the stars from "Choo-Choo Soul". Now when she watches them on TV, she says, "choo-choo cheese" meaning, she got to see and take a picture with them! It's so cute and I'm glad we got to experience it was C.C.. We all truly enjoyed our day!

Enjoy some pictures:

Enjoying some lunch at the Oasis!

Watching the concert like a big girl!

Hanging out on the stairs with the older kids!

Imagination Movers!

Enjoying the show from Daddy's shoulders!

Claire got to meet the stars of "Choo-Choo Soul"!

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