Tuesday, April 12, 2011

21 Months

21 months. C.C. girl is 21 months old. Where did those months go to? They have been some of the best months of my entire life. She's such a joy to be around and can always put a smile on my face. I feel like she can get me through anything, good and/or bad. She is our world.

She's doing so much right now so I'm not going to tell you everything, seeing as that would take forever but here is a few cool new things she is up to:

  • She can count to 10 (and sometimes you will hear her doing it all by herself).
  • She's really into airplanes (which I feel like she can spot from miles away), trains and school buses.
  • She is talking so much: using two + word phrase/sentences and her number of one-words are endless.
  • She loves playing in water and being outside.
  • She's became so much more independent over the last few days.
  • She loves to give hugs and kisses all the time.
  • She's still in size 18 month clothing (but her summer clothes are 24 month & 2T).
  • She's wearing a size 5 (5 1/2) shoe.
  • She's in size 4 diapers when we use them but still 90% cloth diapers.
  • She knows most of her colors and some shapes.
  • She loves: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Imagination Movers, Choo-Choo Soul, Handy Manny & Sid the Science Kid.
She's just makes our lives better and brighter. She loves her family and her friends. She's a very observant and friendly little girl. Any where she goes, she will wave and say, "hi" to anyone!

Here are some pictures of C.C. girl:

Enjoying some of grandpa's b-day cake!

Playing with water, one of her favorite things to do!

Buggy and her "cheese" face!

Daddy and his girl <3

Silly girl, playing with her slide!

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