Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun at the Bouncy House Play Place

Fun day at FunFlatable, bouncy house!
We had a great day at the local bouncy house. I wasn't too sure if Claire would like it or not. She didn't like it, she loved it! She could have stayed there all day playing if we would had let her. The big slide was her favorite! I swear we went up and down that thing over 20 times! I got a great work out while Claire was having a blast! If you have a bouncy house play place in your area and you've never been, I would give it a try because it something fun to do during this dull winter months! (and they take great naps once you leave)

Up she goes with her Papa

Sliding down the little kid slide

Playing with her Nana

Here we go again

"Jumping, jumping"

Down the big slide

We had so much fun!

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