Sunday, January 23, 2011

Football Sunday

We live in Chicago and so we are die hard Chicago Bear fans. We love, love, love football so today is a big day - Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers!  No matter what the outcome or who ends up going to the Superbowl (fingers crossed it's the Bears) today will be fun, exciting and gut wrenching! We are going over to my parents, my brother is home from college so it will be a nice hanging out with the family kind of day! Plus there will be some awesome snacks for during the game!

On a side note -Claire and I are battling stupid colds. Her's is of course worse then mine - stuffy and a runny nose, sneezing and a cough (which, thank goodness is not too bad). No fever! I just hate having her feeling a little blah but more I hate that I have to torture her by wiping her nose every 5 minutes. Hopefully we will be feeling great again very soon!

Hope everyone has an awesome Sunday! Bear Down!

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