Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Ideas

So this year, Eric and I haven't been focused on ourselves for Christmas. We are so excited about Claire's 2nd Christmas but 1st Christmas she will actually care about her toys. Seeing as last Christmas she was 5 months old and just sat there! We have put all of our time, money and thoughts towards Claire (which we are totally fine with). A few weeks ago, my mom and dad asked for our Christmas list. Of course, I've been making Claire for awhile but mine and Eric's were not even in the making. Immediately, I thought..."what do I need?" It was really hard for me to make a full list of items that I needed or wanted for my parents and Eric's. Usually, I have no problem but this year, my focus was Bug. I managed to write down some things but I know they will have to do the rest on their own. Realizing that Eric and I didn't have anything major on our list to share between each other, we've decided to get something small from Claire for each other and then find one nice thing to get each other.

We really have always wanted the single-brew coffee makers so we thought that would be a great gift for Christmas for each other. We are not sure which one we want, there are two options:

There's the Tassimo one:
and there's the Keurig one:

both have great coffee, hot coco, iced coffee, latte flavors. The Keurig one is probably the one in the lead because you can buy the refill coffee packets at Costco! We will probably go this weekend to check out both options from Bed Bath and Beyond (yay for 20% off coupons).

I'm excited about this present because I love making tea or hot coco but I hate warming up the water or milk in the microwave. I feel like you can never get it the perfect temperature. These two machines would solve that problem! Another plus is, we will probably be saving money by not going to Starbucks or other coffee shops so often, since we have so many type of coffee and flavor options! I'm excited for Christmas! I can't believe it approaching so quickly! I better get to wrapping the gifts I do have and head to the store for the items I don't have!!

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  1. Get the Keurig. I have one and I love it! It's the best purchase I've ever made..seriously!


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