Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another One...

I want to apologize in advance because this post, is kinda a "vent" post. It's been a long weekend.

Another family member is pregnant and my periods are still wacky. Just another situation thrown in my face to make it more known to me (as if it needed to be) that I am somewhat "broken" still. I hate to say that, "I'm Jealous" but I am. I am jealous of those that have the "perfect period"! I hope one day, I will be one of those people (but I doubt I ever will be). I'm having my periods (which is better then before I got pregnant with Claire) but they are all over the place. Ranging anywhere from 30-50 days. Boo. It's stressful, annoying and just plain heart breaking! I just want to scream at the top of my lungs, "Please let me be "normal"! Sometime in the near future we would love to start trying for number 2 ( more likely when Eric gets insurance, which starts the beginning of the new year). I want my kids a little close but not too close, I really want to enjoy Claire. For us, between 2-3 years apart is perfect but again I would take them any age apart, just to know that I can have more babies!

A saying that keeps me going, "I will appreciate my pregnancy/babies/kids so much more because I've worked really really hard from them!"

Sorry again, it's just difficult sometime!

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  1. Been there... Done that! I feel your pain. When we were struggling to conceive it felt like *every person* on the planet was pregnant besides me. It can get so frustrating. And I just heard that news that you're talking about, by the way!


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