Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Winds of Change...

The winds of change are more like a HUGE nasty tornado, one that only seems to be gaining speed and getting bigger. I'm exhaust right now. My life is crazy and I want the tornado to die down already - it's been one hell of a week!


Eric got the Toronto Canada job ::excitement:: no more unemployment! Well, that all came crashing down to pieces after exactly one week! For certain reasons Canada is not happening but (yes there is a but) we are most likely, 95%  sure we going to Kentucky. Yes, Kentucky. We will know for sure on Monday (hopefully, fingers crossed).

Truthfully, Toronto freaked the hell out of me. 9 1/2 hours from all my friends and family in a foreign city. Yes, it was only temporary (and so is Kentucky) was the only saving grace about it. Did I mention, that his company gives him a living allowance but with that allowance in Canada it would have most likely given us a 600sqft. apartment. Can you imagine Eric, Claire, one dog, and I all living snugly in a one bedroom (plus a den) apartment for 18 long months!? Claire's room would have been a "den" and about 8x8! I know I've mentioned how teeny tiny our house is but it is not 600sqft!

Kentucky seems a lot better (at least to me).  Kentucky is easily weekend trip for most our family and friends. The words "airplane tickets" don't ever have to be an anyone's vocab because it's only 4 1/2 to 5 hours driving almost directly south of where we live now. I could come up in a moments notice and not think twice! That makes me happy! Very happy. With the living allowance in Kentucky we would either A) be able to get a house or B) be able to get a 3 bedroom apartment and still have allowance left over for other living cost!

Still the tornado is blowing but I can kind of see a little light way in the distances! I just hope this storm blows over very quickly and we can get back to normal around here (fingers crossed)!


  1. Sounds like things worked out the way they should have! Best of luck with this move!

  2. I'm glad this has worked out, even if it's been a challenging ride!


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