Monday, October 25, 2010

Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays

I just want to express how stress I was today! I hate stressful days, they really do suck. On a good note, Eric's meeting went really well and we should know very soon if Kentucky is for sure where we are headed. I really hope it is. Eric's been out of work for almost 2 (very long) months. We really really need him to get a job, sadly it's not in the area but it's a job and that's what's important. It just amazes me, how we live in such a huge city, yet there are so little jobs in his field. It's sad but we will get through this. I am trying to stay positive. I do have hope and faith, sometimes it's just hard. I hate bad days, bad days are no fun. I'm ready for one really good day. I'm just ready for our life can get back to normal. Thank goodness we have Claire, she can make us smile in a second, she can turn anyone's frown upside down!

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