Thursday, September 9, 2010

Warning! Tornado Claire!


Tornado Claire has hit my house!
She hits my house, everyday. From the time she wakes up until the moment she falls asleep at night. 

Nothing escapes her path.
 Everything single toy she has gets scattered around my living room. None toys get played with as well. Diaper bags get unpacked and diapers and wipes are thrown about.  Not even books are safe. Books will be covering her bedroom floor in less then 50 seconds.

Be aware! She's cute but very destructive!

And I just think back to the time when I couldn't wait for her to walk! Ha! Don't get me wrong it's so exciting and such a fantastic milestone but Holy Cow! She's all over the place. She only stops moving when she's asleep! Thank goodness she takes an hour to two hour nap a day! Claire is so full of life, you can already tell she will give us a good run for our money when she's older!

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