Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interviews, Interviews, Interviews

Eric is getting interviews (Thank God!). Which I'm thankful for but all of the interviews have been out of the Chicago area. I don't mean a few hours, I'm talking hundreds of thousands of miles from our friends and our families. From Canada, California, to Virgina. I know when we started this process, I said I was okay with the whole "relocating" thing. I still am but it makes me a little sad. I know it would be whats best for Eric and his career and I know it would only be temporarily until we could find something back in Chicago but it would be very hard. Thank goodness Eric feels the same way. We've been saying, "We will be happy and sad if you get the job or don't get the job." We should find out about a few jobs in the upcoming weeks and it makes me nervous! I'm nervous because our lives could change in a very big way. It's weird to think about living our families and friends. I'm just full of mixed emotions right now! All in all we are doing okay, unemployment kicked in, which is nice to have that pay check come in each week. God has a plan and we are just waiting to see what it is...


  1. I know how the whole waiting for an interview goes - I'm keeping my fingers crossed my husband hears back on something soon too! I hope your husbands job search goes well!

  2. Everything happens for a reason. God may lead you to a place where you are meant to be. You guys have a strong family bond and can make it through anything. You guys should be so proud of yourselves for having such a great outlook on life! :-)


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