Saturday, August 14, 2010

Claire's a "Mean Girl"

We went over the some friends house last night for a BBQ. They have a son who is 11 months old and a real peanut. His the cutest little boy ever. Claire and Micah were getting along great until he put his pacifier in his mouth. See, Claire never liked nor used a pacifier so what was about to take place the rest of the evening was just amazing to Eric and I. As soon as she saw that pacifier in his mouth, she wanted it. It started out all nice and cute, they were sharing the paci, handing back and forth. Claire then would take the paci and try to feed Micah. (She loves feeding her babies). Then all of a sudden, "mean girl" appeared and she literally lunged at poor Micah, knocking him over in order to get at his paci. She made him cry. Of course our friends were like it's fine but Eric and I were in shock. She's always so sweet and girly. We really watched her the rest of the evening, just to insure that she wouldn't beat him up and more (which she tried too, a couple more times). We told Micah to go ahead and get her back, she deserves it.

The more Eric and I thought about the whole situation we realized the other baby friend she plays with weekly is a little boy who is way bigger then Claire. Way. Claire is 18.5 lbs and Brayden is over 25lbs. When Claire and Brayden are together, he is the one that is usually dominate, knocking Claire over and being rough. Thinking about that we realized that Claire was finally bigger then someone and she took advantage of it, since she's the one always getting beat up on.

All in all it was a great evening and luckily no baby was injured in the process!

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