Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Old but New

This bookshelf I actually made and painted with my dad when I was young. Now it sits with a new brighter coat of yellow paint in a new little girls room. Before Claire had a tiny white "cheap" bookshelf that she was quickly out growing! Now she has plenty of room for new toys and her ever growing book collection. Her story books sit perfectly at her level so she can go and look at them at any given time. Let's just say, they are rarely on the shelf and always on the floor. I put them back on the shelf and Claire puts them back on the floor - she enjoys a messy room! The bookshelf use to be white and I decided to make it pop by painting it a bright yellow. I think it looks super cute next to the orange and pink wall! I'm very happy with Claire's room now. I actually feel that Claire's room is finally complete!

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