Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day 

to my hubby

to my daddy

to my father-in-law

We had a wonderful day today! I let my hubby decided what he wanted to do. He decided to head up to Chicago and go to the Field Museum and then get some famous Chicago deep dish pizza. The Field Museum was so much fun. We both haven't been there for years so everything seemed new. We saw dinosaurs, mummy's, and animals that have been stuffed. Claire had a great time. She loved looking at all the animals, especially the "puppies" and "kitties"! After getting the most out of the museum, we headed to Lou Malnati's pizza. It was super delish! I had the "Lou" which is tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese! We then headed to our parents house to celebrate the rest of Father's Day with our dads! It was a great day! 

(Pictures to follow!)

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