Thursday, June 10, 2010

11 Months Old

Bug is 11 month old as of 9:39am this morning! Holy smokes, where did those 11 months go?  Although these last 11 months have gone faster than the speed of light. They have been the most fun ever! Every month something new and exciting happens. I love watching Claire change and grow. It's one of the best parts of being a mommy!

Here is a little bit about Claire:

Wearing: 12 months clothes
Talking A LOT!
   She can say: Dada, Dad, Mama, Hi, Hey, Yeah, Baby, Puppy, Bye Bye, and other baby talk
We can ask her where specific people are and she will look at them immediately and sometimes she will point.
   For example: "Where's Dada?"
She is doing one word commands with out gestures.
   Like: Wave Bye Bye, How big's Claire, Dance, High five, Clap, say "hi"
She's moving all over!
   She's a crawling champ- sometimes she crawl runs!
   She's cruising on anything and everything- even between furniture
   She's taken a couple steps but is not walking alone yet! (I'm in no rush)
   She will walk with anything she can push across the floor - push toys, music table
She loves kids and puppies! She goes nuts and starts talking and screaming at them. It's super cute.
She LOVES to eat!
  She is almost done with pureed baby food. We only have a couple more jars in the cabinet and then she will be fully on big people food!
    Fruit chunks and granola bar/pancakes/waffles/cheerios
    Veggie and chicken nuggets/noodles/raviolis/bread/meat/cheese
    Gerber snacks
     Whatever we are having for dinner
She loves to read books, especially color and animal books
She's learned how to shake her head "no", do ducky lips, and pout.
She has 4 teeth and 4 SLOWLY coming through. She is the world's slowest teether! It sucks for all of us!
She loves to go outside - standing, crawling or playing
She loves to point at everything. Of course every time she does it - we tell her what or who it is!
She has started standing up on her own.

She is doing so much and I know she will continue to grow,change and do more fun and exciting things! I can't believe she will be one in exactly one month. Let the party planning begin!

 FuN pIcTuRe: 
While I was getting ready for the day - Claire decided to play in my underwear drawer!

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