Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to:

My mom

My mother-in-law

Our grandma's

My sister-in-law

All of our mom friends and family who have babies(kids) and who are pregnant!

I hope your day is one you will never forget!  Enjoy!

(I will let you know later how I spent my first mother's day!!)

Here are some Mommy Pictures for you to enjoy:

 My Mom and I before my wedding 12.2.2006

 My Mother-in-law and I 12.2.2006

 My Sister-in-law, Katie and I - 12.2.2006

The Day I became a Mommy - July 10th 2009

My Bug at 2 weeks old and I

 My great friend Katreena and I holding our peanuts when they were 3 weeks old!

4 generations: My Nana, My Mom, I, and Claire at Claire's Baptism -8.30.2009

Claire and I - Nov. 2009

Buggy girl and I - 2010



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  1. Love the pictures! Happy Mother's Day!!


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