Friday, May 14, 2010


I HATE when Bug falls and bumps her head.

I know it's going to happen, but I hate it.

It makes me sad to hear her scream and cry.

I know it's part of the learning process and every baby goes through the stage of "bumps and bruises" but still, I don't like it.

We have experienced two nose bleeds and numerous bumps on the head.

Coffee table - 3
Claire - 0

Tonight we were at dinner with my parents and Claire was climbing around the booth, being a goofy little Bug. When all of a sudden, she lost her balance and hit her head pretty hard on the window. You heard when she hit it. I immediately grabbed her and held her, calming her down. She was screaming. My mom was panicking, trying to find a napkin to put ice from our drinking glasses in. As soon as my mom got ice wrapped into a napkin, Claire was calming down and ready to play again. She didn't want the napkin and ice anywhere near her head. Babies are really not breakable, every day I get reassurance of that! She has a little bump right above her eyebrow but it started going down by the time we were leaving. After dinner we walked/browsed Borders and she was in a fine mood. Just a little red mark on her eyebrow to remind us that she's entering a new stage of life! I can't imagine all the bumps and bruises she will get when she starts walking!

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