Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ever Since I've Given Birth

Ever since I've given birth I've become the most clumsiest person ever! I really don't think I can go a day without getting hurt, even the tiniest bit. It's crazy! No, actually it's pretty hilarious. At least I can laugh at myself. I have bruise on my legs, 2 on each to be exact. Those are all from hitting either our glass coffee table, our bed, dresser, door...I could keep going. Just tonight, I rammed my leg into my parents coffee table as I was getting up. I just say a "lovely" word and then laughed and said, "one more bump or bruise to add to the others!" Then, when I got home, I was reaching for my vacuum Swiffer and it hit me in the face, yes, the face! I told you - it's gotten really bad! Oh, this one's good - I was moving Claire's toy box over and I rammed my back into our door frame, that hurt! Well, I'm sure in a day or two (more like an hour or so) I could add to the list of bruises. I can't wait to see what happens after I have more kids - hopefully the clumsiness doesn't get worse or God help all of us!

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