Thursday, April 15, 2010

Claire's 9 Month Check up and Update

On Monday, Claire had her 9 month well-being checkup.

Claire's status:

Weight - 15lbs 8oz (birth -6lbs 7oz)
Height -  26.25inches (birth -20inces)

Claire has only gained 1 lb and 1 oz since her 6 month well-being checkup, which at first made me worry but after talking with the doctor she informed us that it is VERY (she stressed VERY) normal at her age. She said, around 6 months babies start to slow down a lot and when they start crawling/cruising they stop gaining even more because they burn so much more off. My good friend, 'K' - her son is just days older than Claire - and he had his well-being checkup Monday too. Her son gained less than a pound from his 6 months well-being check up. She too freaked out at first, but her doctor reassured her that this is very normal. He said most parents freak out because their babies are not gaining the normal pound a month any more. Both of our doctors said they definitely don't look malnourished! Claire's length is right on target. The doctor also said she doesn't expect Claire to be big since both Eric and I are pretty petite.

Claire got one vaccine - Hepatitis B

Claire's doctor was also very impressed with everything she is doing. She said Claire is ahead with many of her milestones!!

At 9 months Claire is doing:

1. Crawling (all over my house)
2. Pulling herself to a standing position on EVERYTHING
3. Starting to cruise along our furniture
4. Sits up from a laying down position
5. Claps her hands
6. Waves
7. Gives Kisses
8. Feeds herself
9. Talking up a storm - she says: Dada, Daddy, Dad, Hi, Hey, Lalala, Eeee, Mumu, Babab and many more   baby words that only Claire really knows!

She loves:

A. Trying new foods
B. Gerber Puffs
C. Her sippy cup
D. Taking walks
E. Playing with our dogs
F. Reading books
G. Pulling anything and everything of shelves she can reach
H. Sing songs
I. Bath time

She's still:

1.  Breastfeeding on demand
2. Sleeping (pretty well) through the night
3. Has two bottom teeth
4. Eating a majority of baby food (with people food at dinner time)

 Claire just hours old!

Claire days away from 9 months old!

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