Thursday, April 29, 2010

The ABC's of Me

I found this post on the blog - Riding the IVF Roller Coaster as I was going through the April ICLW list and thought it was a cute idea!! Enjoy a little insight into my life!

The ABC's of Me:
  • A: Amusement Parks When I was younger (actually until I was around 16) I hated thrill rides. I wouldn't go on them. The thought of roller coasters scared me to death. It wasn't until I met my husband and we went to Six Flags that he finally got me on a roller coast - that was the moment I fell in love. Today, I LOVE thrill rides, I still get scared but that's part of the fun!
  • B: Boobs I told my husband when I'm done breastfeeding all of my kids (we want 3 or 4) and if my boobs are gross and saggy, I want a boob lift. I don't want to go through my 30's with saggy, unattractive boobs!
  • C: Children I knew I always wanted kids but I always had the mindset that I might not be able to have them. I thought that my irregular periods would interfere. I know now, that no matter what, natural or with help I will be able to give Claire brothers or sisters. I have hope!
  • D: Daughter  On July 10th 2009, I gave birth to the perfect little angel, Claire Constance. She is the sweetest and cutest little girl in the whole world. She has made my life worth living! She brings joy to my heart and with her around, there is never a dull moment. 
  • E: Eric My loving and charming husband of almost 3 1/2 years! He is the glue that holds our family together. He works so hard for us and I'm able to be a SAHM because of him and for that I am so grateful! Does he drive me nuts sometimes? Yes, but what good husband doesn't!
  • F: Future I'm excited to see what the future has in store for my family and I. More kids, moving, master's degree, new jobs!!
  • G: Grandparents I miss them every single day! I have one Nana that is still with us and she is wonderful. I love her very much. She's so cute! Eric has two grandparents living and they both are wonderful people. I think of them as my real grandparents but I think about my grandparents that have passed every day. When I am sad or need strength I will talk to them! I know that they are my guardian angels and watch over Claire and I every day!!
  • H: Home We have a great home, one Eric and I made together 2 months before we got married. I love our home, it is full charm and the wall contain tons of memories. Sadly, we are ready to move on. We are in need of a big house, yard, and more storage space. It will be hard to say goodbye because this was the first home I slept in the night after my wedding, it was the home I brought my first baby home to! We definitely made this house a home!
  • I: Iceland Eric and I want to go to Iceland for our 5 year wedding anniversary. We first found out about Iceland from the movie "Hostel 2". It was the part with the Blue Lagoons that got us. The Blue Lagoons is a natural hot springs. It's beautiful. As we researched Iceland more, we found out it has so much to offer - Volcanoes, Mountains, Glaciers, Lagoons, etc... I hope our dream can become a reality!
  • J: Jillian I am doing Jillian Michael 30 day shred. It's a great work out and I am really enjoying it. I try to get at least 2-3 days of it in a week! I highly recommend it!
  • K: Kyle My brother. We are 4 years and 2 days apart. Let me tell you, we've had our moments of hating each other but now we are great friends and loving siblings. He is a very funny and caring person. I am lucky to have him as a brother and an uncle to Claire. He's a fantastic uncle - you can tell he's in love with his niece!
  • L:  Lansing Illinois - that's where I live. It's where I have lived since I was 9 years old. We moved from Kansas when my dad got transferred for his job. Although I left all of my friends in Kansas, it was nice to move to Lansing because that's where my dad had grown up, so my grandparents and uncle/aunts still lived in the area! I'm glad I moved here because if I didn't I would never have married Eric and I can't imagine my life without him. He's the butter to my bread!
  • M: Moving I use to love the thought of moving but now with the stupid economy, selling a house is almost impossible. I'm a pessimist but I am trying to have hope!
  • N: Nicholas Sparks I absolutely love his books. Once I start reading them, they are so hard to put  down. My favorite is "The Rescue".
  • O: October My favorite month. I love the smell of fall - dried leaves, crisp cool air, bon fires. I think I look better in fall/winter clothes too. You know, a cute pair of jeans and a great sweater. Plus, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!!
  • P: Photography I love taking pictures. My new favorite subject is Claire. I secretly dream of being a  photographer!
  • Q:  Quiet This word does not apply in our house. We are a loud family. We like to singing at the top of our lungs, we say and do funny things, and now Claire loves to scream, squeal, and talk very loud!
  • R: Red it's one of my favorite colors. It is the color in my kitchen. I can't wait to move, so I am able to paint another room red!
  • S: Snakes I HATE snakes. My first bad experience of one was when I was 3. I was playing in my backyard (which had a drainage ditch behind our fence) when I first saw it. It was big - black and orange. It was so scary - I remember my dog at the time coming, barking at it as I ran inside. From that day, I have been deathly scared of snakes!
  • T: Talum Mayan ruins in Mexico that Eric and I visited on our Honeymoon. They sit on a cliff, over looking the Caribbean Sea! It is full of history and is absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait to take my kids there some day!
  • U: Uterus I hope it will allow me to have more babies!
  • V: Van I remember the time when I said, I would NEVER drive a minivan! Ha! Was I wrong. I would love a minivan and all the space that comes along with it. We have a 2008 Chrysler Sebring and it's a wonderful car but with the stroller in the trunk, we have no room for anything else. I can't wait to be a minivan momma!
  • W: Widstrand My last name - it means "Wide Beach". It's Swedish!
  • X: X-ray I've only had a couple of them in my lifetime. Thank goodness!
  • Y: Yummy Some of my favorite foods are: Salads, My dad's mushroom cheeseburgers, ice cream, chips and salsa, Mexican food!
  • Z: Zoo I'm hoping I can go there for Mother's Day. We have a wonderful zoo in our area (Brookfield Zoo - Chicago) and the last time we were there, was November. It was cold and not too enjoyable so I can't wait to take Claire back. I think she will love it and really get into it this time!!

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  1. Love the new layout! It's really cute! And I'm with you on the boob job. That is if we can afford it after having our children. :)


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