Friday, March 19, 2010

You Know You're a Mom When...

I saw this post on my cousin-in-law's blog - Hope Springs Eternal and I had to give it a try!

You Know You're a Mom When...

1. You realize the worrying you did while pregnant, can not compare to the worrying you do once your little one arrives!

2. You look, poke and talk about your babies poop on a regular bases.

3. You take your babies temperature way too often!

4. You disinfect everything when you go out to eat - table, high chair, etc...

5. Your out and about for the day and your baby has to eat - you jam yourself, your baby, the stroller, diaper bag, and purse all into a small changing room, in order to breastfeed your baby.

6.You don't care about modesty any more because it's way easier to breastfeed without a hooter hider. 

7. Your baby sleeps through the night but you don't - because you still check on her way too often.

8. Your favorite store becomes BRU

9. You spend your Christmas or Birthday gift cards on your baby instead of yourself.

10. You forget what these words mean: shower, shaved legs, washed hair, makeup, hair dryer...

11. You feel like you accomplished a huge quest when you finally get boogers out of your babies nose!

12. You can type, eat and talk on the phone one handed, while breastfeeding. 

13. You can get your baby to smile and laugh at something you do.

14. Your camera & video camera is always within arms reach!
15. Your house has been taken over by baby items!

16. Comfy clothes are your primary wardrobe for most of the week.

17. Baby spit up doesn't even faze you. 

18. Watching your baby sleep becomes one of your favorite past times!

You Know You're a Mom When...What moments make you feel like a true mommy??


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