Tuesday, March 2, 2010

She Needs Me

Claire has started to do the cutest thing (well, at least in my mind.) After her 6am feeding, I let her sleep in bed with me until we are ready to get up and start our day. Well, lately when she is trying to go to back to sleep, she will roll on to her side (which is now how she prefers to sleep) and she will rub my face. She will play with my eyebrows, my nose, cheeks, lips, and neck all while her eyes are closed. This morning, I put her down and we were a little further apart then normal, so she scooted her self closer to me, so she could make sure she could reach my face. Sometimes she will scare me because she will start rubbing my face while she is sound asleep. As soon as I feel her little fingers, I will open my eyes, only to be surprised that she is snoring away, unaware of what she is doing.

I really like the thought that my baby girl needs me (and only me) to relax, it really makes me feel special! Speaking of the only one - I am also the only one that she will give "kisses" to. Her kisses are so cute too. She will grab your face or hair to bring your face closer to hers and then she will "latch" on, she is literally "sucking face"! I love playing the kissing game with her. I will kiss her cheeks really fast and then she will kiss me - we seriously can play this game for a good 5 minutes! I love it!

I love to feel the love from my daughter! It makes me day!

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