Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Organic Baby Food Pouches

Two words: Convenient and Organic.

What mom doesn't like to hear those two words when it comes to something for your baby. Plum Organic Baby Food (and Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food) is the best invention since cloth diapers.  I am absolutely in love with these brands of organic baby food.

Let's start with the word convenient:
a. The pouches are easy to take with you when you are going out - no need to worry about a lid popping off and baby food getting all over your diaper bag.
b.  No matter if you're feeding your baby at the mall at lunch time, at Chili's during dinner, or in the car on a road trip. Your little one can eat all of it and you just throw the pouch away (or recycle if available!) or they eat half of it and you screw the cap back on, throw it in the diaper bag and stick it in the fridge until tomorrow (or later on).
c. The baby food itself is not runny; it's nice and creamy. When you squeeze the pouch the food comes out, sticks on the spoon without any mess what so ever.
d. For older babies or toddlers - you can just hand them the pouch and they can literally suck the fruit/veggie puree out of the pouch, no spoon needed. (Don't worry the pouch is BPA free)

Let's talk about the word organic:
a. This is what the back of Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food says:
  • No added sugar, salt, or water
  • No preservatives or thickeners
  • No E numbers or GM
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No dairy, egg, or wheat
  • No lactose or gluten
  • No lumps or bits and nothing artificial.
  • Just yummy organic food for babies
For first stage foods, both brands offer single foods ( just peaches, just, peas, etc...!) When all the first stage foods have been introduced, you can move on to all the other yummy pouches they offer. Like: Plum's Spinach, Peas, & Pears and Ella's Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Apples, & Blueberries. It's pretty cool, when you are using a pouch, you can squeeze it at one point at get a purplish color and the next minute you get orange. This just reassures us that there is actually each of the foods in the pouch that they say there is.

If you are interested, give them a try! They really are worth trying at least once. You never know, you may just fall in love. You can find them in the baby food aisle at your local Babies'R'Us or Whole Foods.


  1. I usually uy earths best but went to BRU yesterday and bought a whole bunch of these to try. Very convenient for the diaper bag.

  2. We too use Earth's Best but these are great for going out! I hope you like them. Claire loves them!


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