Monday, March 1, 2010

A Little Bug Update

Claire loves to pull herself up to a standing position and to play on her knees!

Claire is scooting back and side to side and is also really trying to crawl!

Claire loves playing with all of her toys! She plays SO good by herself!

Claire actually has a daytime nap schedule! Here she was suppose to be napping!

Claire is continuously teething! Her bottom two teeth are in!

Claire is also taking up a storm! She has started wearing all  6-9 months clothes! She loves to interact with other babies and kids! She has started stage 2 foods and so far to date (knock on wood) loves all of her food  she has tried!  Next week, when she hits the 8 month mark, she will start meats. She is also learning to eat with her hands. Finger foods are still a little tricky for Claire but she loves to eat the Gerber wagon wheels - she's become a real pro at eating them all by herself. She also loves the Gerber sweet potato puffs. She can pick them up but doesn't yet put them in her mouth. She absolutely loves her dogs - Penny and Lucy. They make her laugh all the time! It's so cute to watch! We have successfully been cloth diapering for 3 months. We love them and they have saved us so much money! Claire is changing and growing every day. We are enjoying every single moment but looking forward to what will happen next!


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