Wednesday, March 10, 2010

8 Months Old

Well, at 9:39am this morning,  it's been 8 months since I gave natural birth to our little Bug! I seriously can not believe that it's been that long...I'm in shock! It's been an amazing and memorable 8 months. She has made our lives so much brighter!! Her smile can warm any heart and her laugh will make you laugh right along with her! She is the light of my life and our world!

At 8 months old, Claire can:

1. Rolls all over the house
2. Scoots - backwards, sideways, and in circles
3. Pull herself up to a standing position
4. Sits up from a laying down position
5. Talks up a storm - dada, mama, daddy, dad, ma, mumu, hey, hi, ah, wa, ga, ba etc...
6. Sits unsupported
7. Starting to self feed
8. She loves to clap her feet
9. Reaches for people

She has two bottom teeth, she has had her first winter cold, she loves to go shopping and take walks, she loves playing with our dogs and all of her toys! She loves to experience new things!!

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh she looks so much like Eric in that picture it's RIDIC. Happy Birthday Claire!


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