Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday's Review

Every Tuesday I will be reviewing an infant item, hence Tuesday's Review. I wanted to start this infant review because over the last almost 6 months, Eric and I have found items we love and items we will never use again! I want to share what I know with new moms or experienced moms that just need a little advice. Check back every Tuesday for a new infant review!!

 This weeks product is: Enfamil - Tri-Vi-Sol

We were first told to give Claire vitamin D supplements at her 4 day old check up. At first Eric and I were very skeptical about pumping our new little baby full of vitamins. The doctor recommended that breastfed babies get a daily dose of vitamin D because our region lacks sun (which gives us our vitamin D) more than half of the year. Also, vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets and that is very dangerous for anyone.

We started giving Claire Poly-Vi-Sol, every now and then. We didn't make it a daily thing because we were still so apprehensive about giving our newborn vitamins. Poly-Vi-Sol was the only type of vitamins I could find at Walgreens. It contains Iron, which I was even more not a fan of. I did know that too much iron is not a good thing and I was still taking my pre-natal vitamins which contain iron, so that made me more weery of the whole vitamin thing. When we did give Claire the Poly-Vi-Sol vitamins, it turned her poop a dark brown color.

As the flu epidemic was running rapid and the scare of everything was keeping me on my toes, I started researching natural ways to keep the flu away. One thing that I found was that, vitamin D helps keep your immune system up and helps your body fight of the cold and flu bug. It also helps fight cancer/heart disease. I decided to rethink giving Claire vitamins. I went back to walgreens and in the pharmacy department (not the baby aisle) I found Tri-Vi-Sol vitamin drops (with no iron). We started and have continued to give Claire a daily dose of vitamins. She has had stuffy noses but has "knock on wood" not had a full blown sickness since she was born. She absoluty loves her vitamins, she gets them every night before putting her jammies on. She squeals every time she sees the dropper. She takes the vitamins like such a big girl.

For anyone on the fence on whether or not to give your baby vitamin D supplements, I highly recommend Tri-Vi-Sol (it contains vitamin A,C, and D). I feel that anything natural that will prevent my baby from getting sick is something I am willing to do. 

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