Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taking a Look Back 2000-2009

In the year 2000:
a. Was in my first high school plays.
b. Started my sophomore year of high school.
c. Was in swimming (swimming the back and free style).

In the year 2001:
a. Lost my Grandpa Linos.
b. Met Eric.
c. Was in more high school plays.
d. Was a gap (grade assistance program)tutor for math.
e. Went to Prom for the first time.
f. Got a job at Ace Hardware as a cashier.
g. Went to the Cayman Islands

In the year 2002:
a. Was a Junior in high school
b. Had one of the leads in the Spring play - "Prime Time Crime".
c. Was an assistant director for a student directed play but ended up staring in it after one of the leads dropped out.
d. Went to Prom for the second time.
e. Ran the mile in 8 minutes.
f. Went to Florida for Summer vacation.
g. Went to California for Christmas.                                          

In the year 2003:
a. Directed a one act play and won best directed/show!
b. Went to Prom for the third and final time.
c. Was one of the lead characters in the Spring Play - "Oliver Twist".
d. Became an Honor Thespian for troop 18.
e. Become a "Who's Who of High School Students" member.
f. Graduated high school - T.F. South Class of 2003!
g. Went to Colorado, white water rafting for Summer Vacation.
h. Started taking college courses at the local community college.
i. Got a job as a preschool teacher.

In the year 2004:
a. Working as preschool teacher/ art teacher.
b. Still taking classes at the community college - was an ele. edu. major.
c. Went to Florida.                                                    

In the year 2005:
a. Was in my sister-in-laws wedding
b. Got engaged!
c. Went to Canada for Summer Vacation!                                    
d. Started planning my wedding!
e. Started at Saint Xavier University Chicago - Clinical/Counseling Psych. major.
f. Got a job at Univar as an administrative assistant.
g. Got our first fur baby - Lucy "Lucy in the sky with diamonds".
h. Became a Psi Chi Honor member.

In the year 2006:
a. Turned 21!
b. Moved up at work - Chemcare assistant
c. Went to Las Vegas!
d. Got in major shape and shed some extra pounds.
e. Had our wedding shower.
f. Bought our first house.
g. Got married!!
h. Went to Cancun for our Honeymoon!

In the year 2007:
a. Had an internship at Bloom High School under their social workers.
b. Went to Galena with Eric
c. Got our second puppy - Penny "Penny Lane"
d. Got a new car - Pontiac G6
e. Got a job at Vanis Salon and Day Spa.
f. Was the Matron of Honor in my friends wedding.
g. Went to Nebraska for my Papa's dedication.
h. Graduated from Saint Xavier with a B.A. in clinical/counseling psychology.

In the year 2008:
a. Got a new job.
b. Went to Cancun for Summer vacation
c. Penny got attacked by the "nasty" neighbor dog.
d. Eric got injured playing Racquetball.
e. Was in my brother-in-laws wedding in California.
f. Lost Eric's Grandpa George.
g. Was in our friends wedding in Michigan.
h. Eric got a new job.
i. Found out I was PREGNANT!
j. Had Christmas in Nebraska.

In the year 2009:
a. Found out we were having a GIRL!
b. Had our baby shower.
c. Saw Claire on a 4D ultrasound!
d. Gave birth to Claire Constance!
e. Claire got baptized.
f. Got a new car - Chrysler Sebring.
g. Met some amazing new friends!
h. Started my blog.
i. Started cloth diapering Claire (and loving it!)
j. Celebrated Claire's first - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!      

It was a wonderful & memorable decade! I can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings my family and I! Our journey as a family has just begun!

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