Friday, January 8, 2010

Mommy the Teething Ring

Yes, I am officially Claire's new teething ring! Can you guess what part of my body she uses? Not my finger, arm, shoulder, or nose...yes, you guessed it, my boob! Let me tell you, that little booger "bites" so hard. I say, "bites" because it really isn't biting because she doesn't have teeth but boy oh boy, does she have powerful gum strength! It started about 2 weeks ago and has only gotten worse. She usually "bites" down when she is close to being done eating or is just a little bored in between sucks. My mother-in-law told me to try to startle her, so she gets a little scared and won't do it again. HA! Right! I do that and she looks at me like, "what" and will do it all over again!  Lately, however she does it more when she is overly tired and needs a good nap. Yesterday, she decided to constantly "bite" me and pinch me at the same time. (The pinching wouldn't be that bad but my little bug doesn't like getting her nails clipped, AT ALL!) I know, I know, SO many people have told me to do it when she is sleeping but there is no way I am touching my bug when she is sleeping.
I really hope Bug's teeth pop up sooner, rather than later. Her gums are bumpy and you can see white squares in the top, middle part of her lower gums. I know teeth can take months to actually pop up but I pray and pray that hers hurry up. Then again, maybe they can stay in there a little longer. Gum bites vs. teeth bites...I will take gum bites any day!! I'm sure I will have some fun stories to tell once she really starts biting me with her little cute teeth!

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  1. Good for you for continuing to nurse. My little one went through a biting phase when her first tooth was coming in. Giving her something cold to chew on just before nursing seemed to help. I would put my finger in her mouth and un-latch her with a firm but calm "No biting mom". Scaring them can backfire and cause a nursing strike.
    Keep it up. My nursling now has 7 teeth and will be a year old shortly and we are still happily nursing.


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