Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Do Dogs Hate Mail Carriers....

I think between 10am - 11am is the most annoying time of my day. It's when my snail mail gets delivered and when my two dogs go CrAzY! It's so annoying and so overly loud. Don't get me wrong, I love that they are protective and bark but they bark at EVERYTHING. They will even bark at a damn leaf floating by. From mail carriers, other dogs, squirrels, to snow...if you are outside there window you will get barked at. I have a huge picture window and my couch backs up to it and that's where they sit, waiting for anything that they can open their little mouths and bark at. My window is covered in saliva and snot every day and every night I clean it and just to repeat the very next day. I love my girls but sometimes, they drive me nuts. I'm not for shock collars but I wish they had something less mean to solve a little barking problem! I've tried the spray bottle of water, shaking a can of marbles at them, the newspaper trick and nothing, nothing works! I guess it's just the joy of being a pet own! I think my next pet will be a cat...or maybe a fish!

(FYI: the barking attack is happening at this very moment...)

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