Friday, October 14, 2011


Claire is doing fantastic. She is in full swing of being two. My marriage is wonderful. Eric and I of course have our moments (what couples don't who have been together has long as us). There are other things that keep my life on a roller coaster ride and no some are not great, some are just plain sad but life does go on. Thank goodness for my baby, she can make me laugh within a second of being sad or down. She is my cheer team. She's amazing, even when she's driving me up a wall and even on the days when she "lost her ears". She makes me smile. When I'm sad, she knows. She knows and she comes to make me feel better. I love her. I love my life. I just wish the roller coaster ride would stop for a while and I can get off. Life, we live it good or bad. Day by day, I'm SO thankful for what I have, for what the Lord has given to me!

I know I'm happy it's Friday, are you?!

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